Laboratory of Protein Engineering | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Kostrov Sergey Viktorovich

Kostrov Sergey Viktorovich
Academic degree:
Doctor of Chemistry
Academic title:
Professor, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

List of staff

Kostrov S.V.;
Demidyuk I.V.;
Zverlov V.V.;
Lunina N.A.;
Rafieva L.M.;
Safina D.R.;
Dvortsov I.A.;
Shubin A.V.;
Roschina M.P.;
Karaseva M.A.;
Komissarov A.A.;
Chukhontseva K.N.;
Azimova N.N.


Main directions of research

Structural and functional organization of protein molecules:

  • protealysins, their precursors and accompanying proteins;
  • neurotrophin’s precursors and their functions;
  • carbohydrate-binding modules, their organization and combining strategy.

Novel vector systems:

  • comparative quantitative estimation of the efficiency of different vector systems;
  • viral proteases, their interaction with mammalian cells and engineering of artificial toxins.

Markers and models for the analysis of pathological conditions:

  • proprotein convertases in human tumors;
  • Danio rerio as a model for analysis of biologically active antitumor compounds.

Main scientific results

  • Tens of new proteases and glycosyl hydrolases have been discovered by the members of the Laboratory team. Genes of these novel enzymes have been cloned and sequenced; their expression in the laboratory microorganism cells accomplished and detailed analysis of the corresponding protein properties conducted.
  • The three-dimensional structure of the new high-specific glutamyl endopeptidase has been determined. Studying the molecular design of this enzyme made it possible to propose an original model of charged substrate discrimination.
  • Investigation of various multimodular glycosyl hydrolases allowed to identify new cellulose binding domains and to study their functional organization.
  • A new group of thermolysin-like proteases whose members differ from the well-known members of the family by its precursor structure have been identified. It has been shown that the proteins of this group are involved in bacterial invasion. These data were obtained in cooperation with researchers from the Institute of Cytology, Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • The three-dimensional structure of protealysin has been deciphered. It is the first three-dimensional structure of the precursor of thermolysin-like proteinases.
  • It has been shown that proteolytic enzymes having the same amino acid sequence may demonstrate different substrate specificity after folding in the pro-dependent manner.
  • The expression of oncogenic proteolytic enzyme genes has been studied in human lung tumors. The decrease of the cathepsin D gene expression in human lung tumor tissues has been demonstrated which allows to regard the mRNA of this gene as a biomarker in the diagnostics of lung cancer. Also it has been shown for the first time that alterations in gene expression of proprotein convertases in human lung cancer have a limited number of scenarios. This evidence may reflect different pathways of tumor development and cryptic features of tumors. The results obtained allow to consider the expression change patterns of proprotein convertase genes as a potentially significant markers of tumors. The results were obtained in cooperation with M.M. Shemyakin and Yu.A. Ovchinnikov Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and N.N. Blokhin Russian Oncology Research Center, Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.
  • Recombinant producers of the key human neurotrophins NGF, BDNF, NT-3, their precursors, mutant forms and individual fragments have been constructed. Their corresponding proteins have been characterized. The effect of the neurotrophic factor NT-3 and its precursor proNT-3 on calcium homeostasis disorders in the rat brain cerebellum during the hyperstimulation of glutamate receptors in neurons was studied in cooperation with researchers from the Centre for Child Health Research, Russian Academy of Medical Science.
  • The angiogenic effect of the experimental gene therapy based on a plasmid construction carrying the gene of human nerve growth factor has been shown using the ischemia model of the mouse hind leg. These results were yielded in cooperation with researchers from the Russian Cardiological Research-and-Production Complex.
  • A method for the in vitro estimation of cytotoxic effect during transient gene expression in human cells has been developed. Using this approach, it was established for the first time that the expression of the human hepatitis A virus 3C protease gene induce the caspase-independent cell death with hitherto undescribed morphological characteristics.


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