Group "Specialized DNA Polymerases" | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Makarova Alena Vladimirovna


List of staff

Makarova Alena Vladimirovna, Ph.D., Head. group
Kozyreva Ksenia Aleksandrovna, graduate student
Boldinova Elizaveta Olegovna, student


Main directions of research

Fidelity of replication and mutagenesis by human specialized DNA polymerases (Pol iota, Pol eta, Pol zeta, PrimPol), translesion DNA synthesis. Studies were supported by:
  1. RFBR, 12-04-01697-а. «Molecular mechanisms of human DNA polymerase iota functioning during replication and repair», 2012-2014.
  2. Dmitry Zimin foundation “Dynasty”, Postdoc fellowship «Effect of DNA lesions on efficiency and fidelity of human Y- and B-family DNA polymerases», 2014-2016.
  3. Program of Presidium of RAS «Molecular and Cellular Biology» New groups, «Replication mechanisms by human specialized DNA polymerases on damaged and nondamaged DNA», 2015-2017.
  4. RFBR, 15-04-08398-а. «Ribonucleotide incorporation by human specialized DNA polymerases on undamaged and damaged DNA», 2015-2017.
  5. RFBR,15-34-70002-мос-а. «Effect of clinical mutations of human specialized DNA polymerases on DNA replication», 2016-2017.


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