Safina Dina Rashidovna | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Academic degree:
Doctor of Philosophy (Chemistry)

Academic title:
without academic rank

Division of IMG:
Laboratory of protein engineering




Main research interests

Research of structure-functional relationships in proteins.
Studying of a role of pro-sequence in formation of spatial structures and functioning of molecules of neurotrophin; effect of neurotrophin and proneurotrophin on regulation of calcium homeostasis of neurons. It is for the first time shown that recombinant human proNT-3 has impact on a calcium homeostasis of neurons of a brain.
Research of mechanisms of an expression of foreign DNA in eukaryotic systems. Creation of new vectors for an effective expression of target genes in eukaryotic systems.

Teaching activities

2008 - present: the assistant, department of biotechnology and industrial pharmacy faculty of Biotechnologies of organic synthesis of MITHT of M. V. Lomonosov.


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