Makarova Alena Vladimirovna | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Makarova Alena Vladimirovna

Academic degree:
Doctor of Philosophy (Biology)

Academic title:
without academic rank

Division of IMG:
Laboratory “Mechanisms of Replication of damaged DNA”

Head of Laboratory



Main research interests

Fidelity of replication and mutagenesis by human specialized DNA polymerases (Pol iota, Pol eta, Pol zeta, PrimPol), translesion DNA synthesis.

Grants (Principal Investigator)

Studies are supported by:

  1. RFBR 17-00-00264-комфи. 2018-2020 (together with D. Zharkov and A. Rizvanov)
  2. RSF 18-14-00354, 2018-2020
  3. RFBR 19-34-90147, 2019-2021 (grant for PhD students)
  4. RFBR 18-04-00777-а, 2018-2020
  5. RFBR 18-54-00024-Бел-а, 2018-2019

Completed Grant Projects:

  1. RFBR 12-04-01697-а. 2012-2014.
  2. RFBR 15-04-08398-а. 2015-2017.
  3. RFBR and The Government of Moscow 15-34-70002-мол_а_мос, 2016-2017.
  4. Program of The Presidium of RAS «Molecular and Cellular Biology. New groups», 2015-2018.

Teaching activities

Boldinova Elizaveta, PhD student.
Shilkin Evgeniy, PhD student.
Gagarinskaya Diana, PhD student.

Awards, achievements, memberships

1. Postdoctoral fellowship of D. Zimin foundation “Dynasty”, 2014-2016.
2. Fellowship of the President of Russian Federation for Young Scientists, 2016-2017.
3. The L'Oréal-UNESCO For Women in Science (national fellowship, Moscow. Russia), 2017


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