Lunina Nataliya Aleksandrovna | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Lunina Nataliya Aleksandrovna

Academic degree:
Doctor of Philosophy (Biology)

Academic title:
without academic rank

Division of IMG:
Laboratory of protein engineering




Main research interests

After graduating from the Department of Virology and Doctorate of the Biological Faculty of the Moscow State University she defended her PhD thesis on the topic “Translation of RNA of Barley Stripe Mosaic Virus in a Cell-free System” under the guidance of Academician I.G. Atabekov. Continued working at the Department of Virology, studied RNA-containing plant viruses, including the closterovirus genomic RNA structure. Results of the studies were published in leading virology journals. The total number of publications – 11.
Since March 1998 worked at the Laboratory of the Molecular Genetics of Anaerobes headed by G.A. Velikodvorskaya at the IMG RAS. The main focus of the studies became thermophylic glycoside hydrolyses capable of working at extremely high temperatures (up to 90˚C). There were studied amylase complex ferments, including the cluster of genes involved in the hydrolysis of maltodextrins. Multimodular enzymes were studied: functions of individual modules, including catalitic and carbohydrate-binding, were obtained and studied. A chimeric thermally stable lactase capable of strongly binding to cellulose and hydrolyzing lactose in whey was engineered. A carbohydrate-binding module of a new, previously unknown, family, which is capable of binding to chitin and chitosan was characterized. In this area she has 18 publications and one patent.
Since 2006 she has been a Researcher at the Protein Engineering Laboratory. Participated in research of viral proteases as possible anti-cancer agents, including studies into mechanisms of cell death caused by  protease 3C of hepatitis A virus. 2 works were published on this subject. 

Teaching activities

Taught student to perform experimental work, directed practical training at the Department of Virology of the MSU Faculty of Biology.
Supervised about 10 student graduate thesis and one PhD thesis.  


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