Kudinova Alina Granitovna | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Academic degree:
Doctor of Philosophy (Biology)

Academic title:
without academic rank

Division of IMG:
Laboratory of RNA biology and epigenetics

Junior Researcher



Main research interests

The main area of work is the study of the role of Argonauts in DNA repair and protection from phages, mobile elements.
Within the framework of the megagrant "Molecular mechanisms of RNA interference and protection of the genomes of bacteria and eukaryotes": revitalization, storage and work with strains of bacteria presumably containing Argonaut proteins, including the selection of optimal growth conditions and the isolation of DNA from these strains; conduction of genetic experiments; participation in cloning of Argonautes and isolation of proteins.


List of articles published before the beginning of work in the IMG RAS:

  1. Kudinova A. G., Lysak L. V., Soina V. S., Mergelov N. S., Dolgikh A. V., Shorkunov I. G. Bacterial communities in the soils of cryptogamic barrens of East Antarctica (the Larsemann Hills and Thala Hills oases) // Eurasian soil science. – 2015. – T.48. – №. 3. C. 276.
  2. Kudinova A. G., Lysak L. V., Lapygina E. V., Soina V. S., Mergelov N. S. Diversity and viability of prokaryotes in primitive soils of the Larsemann oasis (East Antarctica) // Biology Bulletin –  2015. – Т. 42. – №2. – С.92-97.
  3. Maksimova E. Y., Kudinova A. G., Abakumov E. V. Functional activity of soil microbial communities in post-fire pine stands of Tolyatti, Samara oblast //Eurasian Soil Science. – 2017. – Т. 50. – №. 2. – С. 239-245.
  4. Nikitin D.A., Marfenina O.E., Kudinova A.G., Lysak L.V., Mergelov N.S., Dolgikh A.V., Lupachev A.V. Microbial Biomass and Biological Activity of Soils and Soil-Like Bodies in Coastal Oases of Antarctica //Eurasian Soil Science. – 2017. – Т. 50. – № 9. – С.1086-1097.
  5. Lapygina E.V., Lysak L.V., Kudinova A.G. Structure of Microbial Communities in Red Ferralitic Soils of Varadero National Park (Matanzas, Cuba) // Biology Bulletin. – 2017. – Т.44. – № 3. – С.261-265.
  6. Parnikoza I., Abakumov E., Korsun S., Klymenko I., Netsyk M., Kudinovа A., Kozeretska I. Soils of the Argentine Islands, Antarctica: Diversity and Characteristics. Polarforschung. – 2017. –  86 (2) P. 83-96. http://www.polarforschung.de/Inhalt/.