Kobylynsky Andrew Georgievich | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Kobylynsky Andrew Georgievich

Academic degree:
Doctor of Philosophy (Biology)

Academic title:
without academic rank

Division of IMG:
Center of cellular and gene technology

Head of Centre



Main research interests

The main works related to the study of biological asymmetry of the central nervous system (endogenous peptide factors) animals, the biological role of nitric oxide in patients with various pathologies, the development of methods for early diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Identification of a marker in the blood of RA patients peptide. Systematic assessment of the biological properties of drug substances using their influence on the differentiation, viability and proliferation activity of normal and genetically modified embryonic stem cells. The results of these studies form the basis of works on obtaining biotechnological products for medicine.
The research results are published in more than 70 publications.