Gvozdev Vladimir Alekseevich | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Gvozdev Vladimir Alekseevich

Academic degree:
Doctor of Biological Sciences

Academic title:

Division of IMG:
Laboratory of biochemical genetics of animals

Head of Department


Resume (CV):

Main research interests

Studies on gene expression regulation in eukaryotes are published in more than 150 papers.
1997—2005. Studies of gene expression restricted by small RNAs (piRNAs) using RNA interference principle.
2006—2015. Studies of piRNA systems involved in genome functioning. Studies of epigenetics of gene inactivation process caused by chromosomal rearrangements. Detection of novel genes encoding tissue specific translation related proteins.

Teaching activities

1985– present: Prof., Department of Molecular Biology, Lomonosov Moscow State University
Head of more than 30 Ph.D thesis

Awards, achievements, memberships

1983 -  USSR State Prize
2002 – Russian Federation State Prize
2006 — academician, Russian Academy of Sciences
Member of editorial boards of Russian Journals: “Genetics”, Моscow; “Biochemistry”, Моscow; “Моlecular Biology”, Моscow. 


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