Esyunina Daria Мikhailovna | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Esyunina Daria Мikhailovna

Academic degree:
Doctor of Philosophy (Biology)

Academic title:
without academic rank

Division of IMG:
Laboratory of molecular genetics of microorganisms
Laboratory of RNA biology and epigenetics

Senior Researcher


Resume (CV):

Main research interests

Current projects:
1) transcription regulation in cyanobacteria
2) study of small nucleic acid biogenesis by bacterial Argonaute proteins
3) developing plasmid-based system with inducible transcription, translation and replication
4) developing in vivo and in vitro systems to study interactions of RNA-polymerase with other molecular machines
5) investigation of transcription-coupling processes
Partial results in these fields  are present in publications.

Awards, achievements, memberships

2017 – Medal of Russian Academy of Science for young scientists
2014 - best poster prize on 76th Harden Conference Total Transcription, September 2014 – Poster Prize of 76th Harden Conference
2014 - 2016 “The Future of Molecular Genetics” Fellowship, Institute of Molecular Genetics, Moscow, 2003-2005
2010 - M.S. with honors, Moscow State University
2009 - R.B. Khesin prize for undergraduate work
2005 - Silver Medal in the 16th International Biology Olympiad - Beijing, China.


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