Dolotov Oleg | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Academic degree:
Doctor of Philosophy (Biology)

Academic title:
without academic rank

Division of IMG:
Laboratory of molecular genetics of somatic cells

Senior Researcher



Main research interests

The research interests are focused on the neuroprotective, cognitive and behavioral effects N-terminal fragments of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH) and their synthetic analogs (melanocortins). The goal of the research is to understand the biological role of these peptides, mechanisms that underlie their effects and potential for the treatment of stress- and inflammation-related disorders of the central nervous system. During the course of our studies, we found that melanocortins are able to stimulate expression of neurotrophic factors in the rat brain. In the chronic unpredictable stress model we revealed the anti-stress effect of N-terminal fragments of ACTH and some their analogs such as a clinically applied ACTH(4-10) analog Semax.


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