Demidyuk Ilya Valerievich | Institute of Molecular Genetics

Demidyuk Ilya Valerievich

Academic degree:
Doctor of Chemistry

Academic title:
Associated Professor

Division of IMG:
Laboratory of protein engineering

Leading Researcher



Main research interests

Chemistry and biology of proteolytic enzymes, protease’s application in biotechnology and medicine

Teaching activities

1998 – 2016 associated professor of the Department of Biotechnology and Industrial Pharmacia, Moscow State University of Fine Chemical Technologies (MITHT)
2005 – teaching at the Scientific and Educational Center of the Institute of Molecular Genetics
2013 – professor of the Department of Nano-, Bio-, Information Technology and Cognitive Science, Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (State University)
2016 – professor of the Department of Biotechnology and Industrial Pharmacia, Moscow Technological University (MITHT)
Supervisor of 2 Ph.D. students, 3 defended PhD. theses.

Awards, achievements, memberships

Member of Editorial Board of “World Journal of Biological Chemistry”
Member of the Scientific Council, Institute of Molecular Genetics, RAS


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