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Agapov Aleksei Aleksandrovich

Academic degree:
without a degree

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Division of IMG:
Laboratory of molecular genetics of microorganisms




Main research interests

Scientific interests lay in the field of transcription mechanism and regulation of gene expression in bacteria including RNA polymerase interplay with other processes in the cell, such as DNA repair and defence systems against foreign nucleic acids.
The role of previously undescribed factors Gfh from stress resistant bacteria Deinococcus was revealed. It was shown that they stimulate transcriptional pausing and termination in the presence of manganese ions, which may play a role in stress resistance.

Teaching activities

2011 – present – teacher at Biological department of Summer School, Kirov region (Cell Biology)

Awards, achievements, memberships

1. R.B. Khesin’s award for the best undergraduate work – 2013
2. Special award from the “DNA technology” company for the best graduate project – 2014
3. Award for the best poster report at the international conference of young scientists “Biology is the science of the XXI century”, Puschino, Russia – 2015
4. Award for the best poster report at the school-conference “Modern biology and biotechnologies of the future”, Moscow, Russia – 2016
5. Award for the best oral presentation at the international school conference of young scientists “Biology is the science of the XXI century”, Puschino, Russia - 2016


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  2. Esyunina D.*, Agapov A.*, Kulbachinskiy A. (2016). Regulation of transcriptional pausing through the secondary channel of RNA polymerase. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA, 113(31), 8699–8704. * - равный вклад авторов
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